Ben Packard

Software Developer



About Me

I am an independent iOS developer and the Program Manager for Mobile Projects at SPARGO.

I graduated with a first class Software Engineering degree from the University of Northampton and started my career as a business analyst for Tesco before moving to the US from London in 2009.

Some of my recent projects include the five-star apps Mezzanine, Drum Beats+, Outlinx, and Apple Insider. Oh, and then there's this Pizza thing.

I live just outside Washington, DC with my partner Ashlee, a dog named Harper, and our collection of musical instruments.

For Hire

Need a professional and experienced developer for your next iOS project? Get in touch.

I have a proven track record building exceptional software. I can help you design, build, test, and deploy your app.

If you think I might be a good fit for your project, feel free to email me.



for iPhone and iPad

Mezzanine is a place for theatergoers to log, review, and share the shows they love.

The back-end and front-end are custom-built from the ground up, including news feeds, augmented reality, and social network integrations.

Learn more at

Apple Insider

for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Apple news and rumors since 1997.

A full re-write of a popular app used every day by a large, discerning audience. The client needed a fast, reliable experience across all iOS platforms. Features include audio and video integration, push notifications, in-app purchases, subscriptions, home screen widgets, and iCloud syncing.

Built for Apple Insider.


for iPhone

Outlinx allows you to connect digital notes to real world objects using a mobile app and decorative QR code smart stickers.

Features include advanced barcode reading, rich-text editing, photo attachments, push notifications, social sign-in, and drag and drop interactions. A custom back-end was built to support the app.

Built for Outlinx.


for iPhone

Songline is a design-focused social app where users can share travel recommendations with friends.

The back-end and front-end were custom built from the ground up, including real-time messaging, news feeds, advanced mapping, and integration with Facebook and Google.

Built for Songline.

Drum Beats+

for iPhone and iPad

Drum Beats+ is a metronome app that uses great-sounding drum beats to improve timing. It helps musicians write songs, jam with friends, and even perform live.

Drum Beats+ implements advanced audio, in-app purchasing (including subscriptions), bluetooth routing, analytics, and A/B testing

Frequently featured in the App Store's top-ten music apps.

Built for Ninebuzz Software.

Modal Buddy

for iPhone

Modal Buddy helps guitarists take their solos to the next level. It features an interactive jam tool, zoomable scale charts, and an immersive checklist-style theory section.

Built for Ninebuzz Software.

Food Files

for iPhone

A place for your recipes.

Food Files is a recipe management and grocery shopping app with a focus on simplicity.

Learn more at

No-Hitter Alerts

for iPhone and iPad

Never miss perfection - no‑hitter alerts, direct to your iPhone and iPad.

The No-Hitter Alerts app lets baseball fans know when a pitcher is closing in on a no-hitter. Alerts include TV and radio listings, can be customized by team, and are synced via iCloud.

Learn more at

Is Pizza Half Price?

Website + iPhone/iPad is a popular DC website for checking pizza promotions tied to sports results. The accompanying iPhone and iPad apps send out daily pizza alerts and provide yesterday's scores at a glance.